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Future planning


I  already received my result for this semester.. and I just can say I flunk this semester. 

As I know my CGPA probably worse .. (emm around 3.15 I guess).. which is considered as worse than previous semester. So I need to plan my future. No more playing, usha hat laki korea kacak, angau bangau memanjanggg.. haishhh should stop all these kind of stuff but couldn't stop watching kdrama and kpop song.. muahaha

1. Learning Korean language and sit for TOPIK test

I need something that can strengthen my resume. As I already learning basic korean language and I can understand their language.. sikitlaa.. so sayang kalau tinggalkan macamtu. I think this is the opportunity to enhance my skill in this language. One more, I W.A.N.T to prove to my SV yang Anthro and Socio student boleh succeed. *dagu ke atas, tgn di pinggang* So foreign language is the way to save my future.. sob.sob

So do pray for me in Topik test nanti... 

2. Future career

I don't know which career I should choose. Waaaaaa!!!
(puyus jee nak prove prove kunun, tapi future career tak decide lagiii)

I already have a few list of career but I dont know which one I should choose, and are them suit to my personality? 

Okeh, I list a few of them..
a) event manager : tak manager pun takpe as long as event management field
b) Korean instructor and I'm teaching kids.. awww,  so cuteee.. hahha
c) Babysit kids (random karier yang terfikir)
d) PTD .. hahahaha
e) emmmm.. tau nak working at Korea.. bidang pa pun tak tau wehhh

So, the next 5 years we will see. karier apakah yang dipilihh...

3. Mantapkan technical skills etc driving, communication, computer, socialising

I felt like I failed in interview internship with mara Excellent Ventures because of my communication skills. And I need to fix my personality too.. Malasnyaa berbakul-bakul.. Degil, need to control your temper.. and how to handle in situation macam SV harituu.. kena belajar tuu.. hurmm..

Fix my personality is a musttt!!

Or else you wont achieve what you wants too.... 

Okeh, penat dah nak kutip grammar yang berterabur.. hahahah


Take a rest and look around. Everybody is struggling too. You are not alone. :)